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2015-16 Bridgewater Recreation Wrestling Rules of Conduct

Wrestling is a very demanding sport from both a physical and mental point of view.  As in many other sports, excellent physical conditioning is required.  However, unlike other sports, wrestling requires the athlete to contend one-on-one with his opponent for several minutes at a time.  There is no break in the action, no completion of the play and no one to pass the ball to.  A wrestler must be totally focused on his task for the entire length of his match.  In many respects, wrestling is similar to a martial art, requiring long periods of instruction and drill to perfect key moves so that these moves become second nature to the athlete.

These aspects of wrestling highlight two key principles in the sport: Focus and Discipline.  The coaching staff has put together the following rules to emphasize the need for discipline, both in practice and in matches.

1.  General:

  1. Horse Play (tripping, tackling, pushing, ball playing, etc) and profanity are prohibited at all times.

  2. Practice.  Attending practices are important and attendance will be taken.  If practices are missed, coaches will have the right to replace the wrestler or forfeit the match.

  3. Good Sportsmanship.  Any behavior unfit at practice or matches will be dealt with by the coaches, this includes behavior during a match which a referee may penalize the team or the individual for un-sportsmanship.  Each wrestler will be held accountable for his own behavior.  All wrestlers will be disciplined equally, without regard to their wrestling ability.

  4. Respect All.  Parents and wrestlers are expected to act and behave responsibly.  No parent is to challenge referee or coach.  Please respect all children and adults, at all times.

2.  Hygiene:

  1. General Hygiene:  We are asking and encouraging all participants to wash their hands prior to the start of practice, after using the restroom facilities during practice or match and after practice or match has ended.

  2. Equipment Hygiene:  We are asking all participants to make sure that their equipment is cleaned on a daily basis.  This means wiping down the participant’s headgear with an appropriate cleaning agent, laundering wrestling practice clothes (i.e.: shorts, t-shirts, undergarments, etc.) after each practice, laundering uniforms after each match (i.e.: singlet’s and warm-ups jackets) and laundering any knee pads, elbow pads or other pads at least once per week.

  3. Personal Hygiene:  We are asking each participant and parent to make sure that your child showers immediately when they get home after each practice or match.

  4. Rashes/Open wounds:  We are asking each participant and/or parent to notify the appropriate coach if there child has any skin rashes or lesions and any cuts or open wounds prior to practice or match. If any child has an open wound, cut or abrasion it needs to have the appropriate covering/dressing applied prior to practice.  Any skin rashes or lesions will require a doctor’s note prior to child’s return to wrestling team. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  5. Other:  The recreation department reserves the right to update or change this list upon the recommendations of the Board of Education and Township.

  6. The Recreation Department will be purchasing the proper cleaning and disinfecting products. The Board of Education will ensure proper cleaning of mats and facilities.

3.  Practice:

  1. BE ON TIME.  It is imperative that wrestlers arrive a few minutes early to put on their wrestling shoes so that practices can begin on-time.   Practices will normally be held on weekday evenings at Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School (BRMS).  Saturday practices will be held during the wrestling season when one or both teams do not have a meet or tournament.

  2. FOCUS.  Talking is not permitted during technique demonstrations or drilling.  It is important for the coaches to have the wrestlers' attention at these times so that they can teach properly and correct mistakes.  Leaving or venturing outside the practice room, roaming the school halls, and climbing the rock wall are strictly forbidden.

  3. SELF DISCIPLINE. Wrestlers are expected to attend all practices in their entirety.  If a wrestler needs to miss practice for any reason, he should notify one of the coaches.  If a wrestler needs to miss practice on a regular basis this needs to be worked out with the coaches in advance.  Honest communication with the coaching staff will alleviate many misunderstandings during the season.

  4. SAFETY.  Wrestling shoes and head gear is required.  Wrestling shoes are mandatory for practice and matches.  This is for both sanitary and safety reasons.  Also, a headgear is required for drilling and live wrestling.  If there is a problem, please see the coach.

  5. TEAM WORK.  All team members attending practice must assist in rolling up the wrestling mats at the conclusion of practice.

  6. RESPECT ALL.  Disruptive infractions will result in the wrestler being removed from practice to a supervised area.  Continued disruption or other serious misbehavior will result in the wrestler being removed from practice immediately and having his parents contacted to come pick him up.  There may be additional penalties associated with serious infractions, such as conditions for returning to the team or being removed from the line-up for one or more matches.

  7. Parents or Guardians of wrestlers are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children promptly.  Parents or guardians are to be waiting for their children at the conclusion of the program outside of the wrestling room.

  8. Parents are not allowed in the wrestling room during practice    Please wait for your children outside of the wrestling room.

4.  Matches:  No one is allowed to leave the matches until everyone has wrestled.  It is important that “We Start as a Team and We Finish as a Team”.

  1. START AS A TEAM:  BE ON TIME!  Before weigh-ins wrestlers should arrive at the school 1 hour before the scheduled start time of the match for home matches and 30 minutes for away matches.  After setting up the wrestling area and once the visiting team(s) arrives, wrestlers will weigh-in.   After weigh-ins the wrestlers will stay in a supervised area designated by the coaches.  Wrestlers who wish to eat after weigh-ins should bring their food with them; there is no snack stand at home meets.

  2. DRESS IN UNIFORM.  Each wrestler must arrive dressed in uniform.  The uniform for matches and tournaments is Team Warm-up Shirts and Black Shorts/Pants, team singlet, wrestling shoes and headgear.   Wrestlers will perform their pre-match warm-up exercises together in their uniforms (including warm-up shirts and shorts/pants).  Also, while the wrestlers are seated during the match, they will be in full uniform.  After the wrestler wrestles, he will return to the team area and recloth himself with his warm-up shirt and shorts/pants.

  3. RESPECT ALL.  At matches, the wrestlers and parents not only represent themselves, but also represent their team and their town.  Therefore, infractions during a match will be considered serious.  The coaches will not hesitate to remove a wrestler from the line up for one or more matches if he is showing willful disrespect for the established rules and for his team.  If a wrestler is removed from the line-up for that match, he will immediately be released to the supervision of his parents.

  4. TEAM SUPPORT.  No one is allowed to leave the Team Bench.  During the match, wrestlers will remain seated with the team to support your team mates.  After the wrestler’s match, with coach’s permission, wrestlers may go and spend 5 to 10 minutes visiting or sitting with parents or other spectators.  Food is not allowed in the team area.  However, wrestlers are encouraged to bring a drink to the wrestling area so that they can replenish their liquids after they wrestle.

  5. FINISH AS A TEAM.  No child is allowed to leave until the end of match without the coach’s permission.  After completion of the last match and shaking hands with the opposing team and a brief team meeting, all wrestlers will assist in rolling up the mats and returning chairs to the chair rack.  Once completed, the wrestlers will be dismissed.  At that time, the wrestlers will no longer be under the supervision of the coaching staff.

5.  PARENTS:  Be Role Models for Life:  What you can do to make wrestling more enjoyable for the children.

  1. Be knowledgeable of wrestling.

  2. Encourage good sportsmanship at home.

  3. Be supportive of your children’s attendance to practice and to be on time.

  4. Be POSITIVE or be QUIET at Wrestling events – wrestlers, siblings, and parents can hear you.

  5. Be Respectful and expect your own children to be respectful.

  6. Be calm and have good manners.

  7. Support the coach’s and referee’s decisions.  Even referees make mistakes – don’t make it worse!

  8. Trust our Coaches - Do not Coach your children from the side of the mat.  Giving instruction during events will cause confusion to the wrestler and not allow them to gain trust in their coaches or learn how to listen to instruction.

Parent's Agreement:

1.  Permission to Participate
I, the parent/guardian of the participant below named, hereby acknowledge that my child is in good general health and I give my approval for my child to participate in any and all Bridgewater Recreation Wrestling Program activities.

2.   Intent to Inform
I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the potential dangers of participation in any sport and I fully understand that participation in wrestling may result in serious injuries, paralysis, permanent disability and/or death. Furthermore, I fully acknowledge and understand that protective equipment does not prevent all participant injuries.

3.  Emergency Medical Authorization
I hereby grant my permission for any and all emergency medical/dental treatment and/or first aid to be administered to my child/participant, including authorizing any medical treatment facility/hospital to administer emergency treatment, for any illness/injury/accident resulting from participation in any and all Recreation Wrestling activities.

4.  Equipment Responsibility
I agree to assume full responsibility for any and all equipment/uniforms loaned to my child/participant and I agree to promptly return, upon request, the uniform and other equipment issued in as good condition as when received except for normal wear and tear. If I fail to adhere to this policy, I will be responsible for the replacement cost of such equipment.

5.  Adult Code of Conduct
In order to uphold the goals of Bridgewater Recreation Wrestling and ensure that all participants have the benefit of a safe and fun learning environment, all parents, guardians and other adults and attendees of events, including but not limited to practices, competitions and banquets, must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times.